10-12 April 2019
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore
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Multi Stream Conference

STREAM ONE: Customer Journey
This stream focuses on how to bring excellence to every touch point, integrate personalisation to the user journey and end-to-end customer experience, maximise the channel engagement through
multi and omni-channel, retention of customers, service innovation, customer centricity and behavior. It will also cover the benefits of self-service optimisation and involvement of leadership in deriving the culture of delivering customer focused products and services from inside out.

STREAM TWO: Digitalisation & Technological Innovation
In this stream we will explore how to master the digital advantage of transforming customer experience by using artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, bots, predictive analytics and innovative digital applications to ensure that customers have a delightful experience that directly addresses their challenges and needs. We will also cover the data analytics through IoT and cloud.

DAY 3 – Design Thinking Workshop
Design Thinking nowadays is considered as a critical component of CX Strategy and the companies are looking at transforming to human-centric business model. This workshop will actively engage participants in the steps of design thinking from immersion in the customer’s world to mapping
and analysing pain points and opportunities to prototyping and validating solutions.

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