4-6 November 2020
TBC, Singapore
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Multi Stream Conference

Stream One: Customer Centricity

Here we will learn how to bring excellence to every touchpoint, integrate personalisation to the user journey and end-to-end customer experience, maximise the channel engagement through multi and omnichannel, retention of customers, service innovation, customer centricity and behaviour. Also, dive into the benefits of self-service optimisation and involvement of leadership in deriving the culture of delivering customer-focused products and services from inside out.

Stream Two: Digitalisation & Technological Innovation

In this stream, we will explore how to master the digital advantage of transforming the customer experience by using artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, bots, predictive analytics and innovative digital applications to ensure that customers have a delightful experience that directly addresses their challenges and needs. We will also further understand how to define the ROI for technology implementation and the business value of an organisation.

Conference Workshop

Day 3 – Customer Journey Mapping: From Touchpoints to Journey
Primary goal of this workshop is to map the anticipated customer journey around the product together in this cross-functional setup, build up a common and shared understanding of the flow and the related customer experiences, and see where we might have gaps and how to address and improve them. Critical takeaway for everybody will be that a customer journey is the combination of all those small interactions a customer (or prospect) experiences when interacting across several different touchpoints (e.g. web site, sales team, product UI, support systems). Those touchpoints can be digital or physical (even a conversation), they don’t necessarily occur in linear order, and customers will have an experience when they engage there, negative or positive in a complete CX cycle.

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